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Tragedy evolves into advocacy for AV group founder

Kevin Schlosser, corporate accountant turned autonomous vehicle advocate, spends his days educating regional businesses, organizations and politicians on the future of mobility.

Bit of trickery in research highlights AI shortcomings

Billions of dollars have been spent in a global race to develop artificial intelligence and position it as capable of redefining multiple industries. Might some of those efforts be unraveled by a small piece of black tape?

China's auto industry stirs, but still far from normal

The slowing spread of the coronavirus provided some hope for China's mammoth auto industry. But producers and retailers are still struggling to reopen.

Redesigned Outback gives Subaru something interior to talk about

Subaru of America is making the redesigned interior a selling point. It bolstered the cabin with more premium materials throughout, including an 11.6-inch tablet-style touch screen infotainment system on all but its base trim.

With FCA, Peugeot ?might have a pickup'

While PSA would focus on the compact- and midsize-car segments, North America CEO Larry Dominique says Peugeot could peddle a pickup in the region after its tie-up with FCA closes.