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With EVs, bias for traditional carmakers

The traditional automotive market still has a lot of bias against EVs, writes an Automotive News reader in a letter to the editor.

Ford's Blue Advantage tool shows it's ‘listening' to dealers

The used-vehicle sales platform is helping the automaker and its retailers capture customers who would otherwise spend their money with competitors such as Carvana.

Seattle drafts blueprint to electrify transportation by 2030

Following the plan will slash the city's greenhouse gas emissions, improve air quality, limit its contribution to water pollution and mitigate climate change risks, proponents say.

HAAH considers a Korean import solution

The California startup has been looking for a U.S. factory to build Chinese-designed vehicles. Then suddenly, it was interested in investing in Korea's SsangYong.

Shelby GT350 gets its one shining moment

Out of an all-GT Final Four, the 1965 Mustang Shelby GT350 emerged as the winner of Ford's version of March Madness.